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IEEE TCSVT Newsletter - January/February 2014

Dear Colleagues:

I wanted to bring to your attention some exciting changes to the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (CSVT).

Table of Contents:

  1. Message from the EIC
  2. New Editorial Board
  3. CSVT Scope
  4. Prior Publication Policy
  5. Table of Contents - February 2014
  6. Table of Contents - January 2014

Thank you for your support for CSVT.


Prof. Dan Schonfeld, Ph.D.
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology

A. Message From the EIC: Recent changes to CSVT have been announced in the Message From the EIC on the CSVT website ( as well as the CSVT Xplore website (

B. New Editorial Board: The new editorial board has been announced on the CSVT website ( An introduction of the Deputy Editor-in-Chief and New Associate Editors is available on the CSVT Xplore website:

C. CSVT Scope: The IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS FOR VIDEO TECHNOLOGY covers all aspects of visual information relating to video or that have the potential to impact future developments in the field of video technology and video systems, including but not limited to:

  1. image/video processing: acquisition, representation, display, processing, transform, filtering, enhancement, restoration, watermarking;
  2. image/video analysis and computer vision: characterization, classification, detection, tracking, assessment, segmentation, summarization, understanding, motion estimation, feature extraction, machine learning, machine intelligence, pattern analysis, pattern recognition, neural networks;
  3. image/video compression: quantization, compression, quality assessment, rate control, error resilience, multiview, standards;
  4. image/video communication: coding, streaming, distribution, interaction, networking, transport, wireless and mobile systems;
  5. image/video storage: archives, networks, content management, databases, indexing, search, retrieval;
  6. image/video hardware/software systems: architecture, hardware, software, multiprocessors, parallel processors, algorithms, VLSI, circuits, high-speed, real-time, low-power systems;
  7. image/video applications: synthetic imaging, augmented imaging, video gaming, virtual reality, audio-visual systems, human-computer interaction, multimedia systems, multi-camera systems, surveillance, security, forensics, medical imaging, big data systems, cloud computing, and other video-related technologies.


D. Prior Publication Policy: The new policy of CSVT is that "[p]apers that have been published in conference and workshop proceedings may be submitted for consideration to CSVT provided that (i) the authors cite their earlier work; (ii) the papers are not identical; and (iii) the journal publication includes novel elements (e.g., more comprehensive experiments)". See If you have published preliminary results of your work in any imaging-related conference (e.g., ICIP, VCIP, ICME, CVPR, ICCV, ICPR, ACM Multimedia, ICC, Globecom, and ISCAS) and would like to expose your work in visual information to the premier publication in video technology and video systems, I encourage you to consider submission of your work to the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology. See

E. Table of Contents - February 2014

IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology

Vol. 24, Issue 2

February 2014

Table of Contents

Editor-in-Chief Message
Schonfeld, D.

Introduction of the Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editors
Schonfeld, D.

Image/Video Processing

Property Analysis of XOR-Based Visual Cryptography
Yang, C.-N. ; Wang, D.-S.

Multiscale Saliency Detection Using Random Walk With Restart
Kim, J.-S. ; Sim, J.-Y. ; Kim, C.-S.

How to Estimate the Regularization Parameter for Spectral Regression Discriminant Analysis and its Kernel Version?
Gui, J. ; Sun, Z. ; Cheng, J. ; Ji, S.; Wu, X.

Adaptive Weight Allocation-Based Subpixel Rendering Algorithm
Kang, S.-J.

Image/Video Analysis and Computer Vision

A Framework for Making Face Detection Benchmark Databases
Hsu, G.-S. ; Chu, T.-Y.

Robust Visual Tracking via Multiple Kernel Boosting With Affinity Constraints
Yang, F. ; Lu, H. ; Yang, M.-H.

Voting-Based Directional Interpolation Method and Its Application to Still Color Image Demosaicking
Chen, X. ; Jeon, G. ; Jeong, J.

Support Local Pattern and its Application to Disparity Improvement and Texture Classification
Nguyen, V.D. ; Nguyen, D.D. ; Nguyen, T.T. ; Dinh, V.Q. ;Jeon, J.W.

Detecting Human Action as the Spatio-Temporal Tube of Maximum Mutual Information
Wang, T. ; Wang, S. ; Ding, X.

Event Detection and Summarization in Soccer Videos Using Bayesian Network and Copula
Tavassolipour, M. ; Karimian, M. ; Kasaei, S.

Image/Video Compression, Communication, and Storage

An Overview of Information Hiding in H.264/AVC Compressed Video
Tew, Y. ; Wong, K.

A Novel No-Reference PSNR Estimation Method With Regard to Deblocking Filtering Effect in H.264/AVC Bitstreams
Na, T. ; Kim, M.

Wireless Scalable Video Coding Using a Hybrid Digital-Analog Scheme
Yu, L. ; Li, H. ; Li, W.

Geometric Optimum Experimental Design for Collaborative Image Retrieval
Zhang, L. ; Wang, L. ; Lin, W. ; Yan, S.

F. Table of Contents - January 2014

IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology

Vol. 24, Issue 1

January 2014

Table of Contents

Image/Video Processing

Low Power Motion Estimation Based on Probabilistic Computing
Dhoot, C. ; Lap-Pui Chau ; Chowdhury, S.R. ; Mooney, V.J.

Robust Superpixel Tracking via Depth Fusion

Yuan Yuan ; Jianwu Fang ; Qi Wang

A Video Saliency Detection Model in Compressed Domain
Yuming Fang ; Weisi Lin ; Zhenzhong Chen ; Chia-Ming Tsai ;Chia-Wen Lin

De-Interlacing Algorithm Using Weighted Least Squares
Jin Wang ; Gwanggil Jeon ; Jechang Jeong

Image/Video Analysis and Computer Vision

Fast Closed-Form Matting Using a Hierarchical Data Structure
Chunxia Xiao ; Meng Liu ; Donglin Xiao ; Zhao Dong ; Kwan-Liu Ma

Compass Rose: A Rotational Robust Signature for Optical Flow Computation
Yan Niu ; Dick, A. ; Brooks, M.

Spatio-Temporally Consistent View Synthesis From Video-Plus-Depth Data With Global Optimization
Hsiao-An Hsu ; Chen-Kuo Chiang ; Shang-Hong Lai

A Bayesian Model for Crowd Escape Behavior Detection
Si Wu ; Hau-San Wong ; Zhiwen Yu

Image/Video Compression

H.264/AVC to HEVC Video Transcoder Based on Dynamic Thresholding and Content Modeling
Peixoto, E. ; Shanableh, T. ; Izquierdo, E.

A Content-Adaptive Distortion-Quantization Model for H.264/AVC and its Applications
Ching-Yu Wu ; Po-Chyi Su

Image/Video Communication

Correlation Noise-Based Unequal Error Protected Rate-Adaptive Codes for Distributed Video Coding
Micallef, J.J. ; Farrugia, R.A. ; Debono, C.J.

EXIT-Based Side Information Refinement in Wyner-Ziv Video Coding
Wen Ji ; Frossard, P. ; Yiqiang Chen

Image/Video Hardware Systems

Hardware Architecture for Video Authentication Using Sensor Pattern Noise
Pande, A. ; Shaxun Chen ; Mohapatra, P. ; Zambreno, J.

Efficient Integer DCT Architectures for HEVC

Meher, P.K. ; Sang Yoon Park ; Mohanty, B.K. ; Khoon Seong Lim; Chuohao Yeo

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